Online Payments

CIT BANK: and select "Pay HOA Assessment"

to pay by  e-Check at NO CHARGE or DEBIT/Credit Card for a fee of 2.5%

This payment method is not available for CARRIAGE RUN COTTAGES, GOVERNOR'S LANDING or MYRTLE GROVE, but you can use

To begin paying on this website, you will need the following:

Management ID:   4522                            
Association ID:          (2Letters2Numbers)    
Account Number:        (Your UNIT ID)                

If you have any questions, please contact us at 843-357-4515 for your ID or Account Number
or Call CIT Bank at 866-800-4656 if you are unable to set up your profile.

***Note:  You will need to set up a user profile if you have not done so already in order to make a payment to your account.***