We provide professional services in the following areas:

Managing Agent Job Description

Fiscal Services

Operating Budget
1) Preliminary meeting with the finance committee to determine budget goals and  objectives
2) Maintain historical data on utility consumption
3) Review current years' expenditures for comparison with budget allocations
4) Provide comparison information from similar properties
5) Obtain rate projections from suppliers and vendors
6) Prepare draft for Board review and revision
7) Prepare a budget letter with assessment rates for owners and coupons for payment 

Financial Statements
1) Itemization of revenue and expense categories for both current month and year to date
2) Comparative P & L Variance comparing current month and YTD
3) Full balance sheet
4) Complete delinquency list with up-to-date reference on action taken
5) Journal entry listing
6) General ledger
7) Check Register
8) Reconciliation of bank accounts prior to statement preparation
9) Mailing to Board within 15 days 

Maintenance Assessment Collection
1) Automatic 30 and 60 day letters to delinquent accounts
2) Individual follow-up and personal phone calls where needed
3) Implementation of Board authorized late fees and fine system
4) Coordination with attorney for lien filing, attachments of rents, judgments and Foreclosures 
5) Recommendations  to Board on handling of any unusual circumstances 

Accounts Payable
1) Cash management procedures to maximize return on Association Funds
2) Three party systems of verification and approval of invoices before disbursement
3) Expenditures account coded for ease of tracking from budget to financial statements
4) Filing and maintaining of accounts payable files to facilitate financial audit
5) Payable system and audit trail designed for and approved by experienced Association auditors 
6) Preliminary and follow up meetings with Board selected auditor 

Tax Returns and Financial Correspondence
1) Annual tiling with Secretary of State for corporations
2) Assist in filing of state and federal not for profit income tax returns
3) Coordinate tax and financial correspondence
4) Issuing maintenance assessment certifications for real estate closings 

Payroll Administration
1) Issue payroll checks for employees
2) Administer employee health insurance program and insurance payments
3) Maintain payroll records in accordance with state and federal requirements
4) Make appropriate payroll deductions and required quarterly reporting 

Account Maintenance
1) All association funds are maintained in F. D. 1. C. Insured accounts in the name of the Association
2) Restricted reserve accounts require Board documented authorization for withdrawal or transfer  Insured accounts in the name of the 
3) Excess funds maintained in  accounts to maximize earnings for the Association 

Administrative Services 

Meeting Coordination
1) Attend all Board meetings
2) Confer with President prior to meetings for agenda and notice preparation
3) Prepare and distribute meeting minutes 
4) Assist in annual meeting preparation including place, before and after meeting activities 
5) Written management reports for each Board meeting and a management presentation at annual meeting
6) Follow up as required from Board meetings

General Administrative
1) Handle all correspondence and other general correspondence for the association
2) Maintain all required Association records, owner registries, minute books and non-current records 
3) Assist in development and enforcement of rules and regulations
4) Handle owner disputes and make recommendations to Board for precedent setting decisions  5) Prepare new owner welcome packages
6) Provide property survey information for lenders seeking FNMA and/or GNMA approval
7) Provide closing attorneys with prorations and other Association required collections
8) Prepare and distribute Association bulletins and newsletters
9) Assist Board appointed committees in the performance of their duties
10) Assist the Board in taking necessary steps to comply with local, state, and federal laws 

Insurance Administration
1) Initiate Board authorized properly replacement cost appraisal
2) Prepare specifications in accordance with Associations documents and advise Board of  coverages customary for similar properties
3) Work with insurance committee and Board in obtaining, organizing and evaluating proposals  4) Make recommendation on insurance renewal 
5) Coordinate insurance certificates and notification to including deductible amounts 
6) Handle Association insurance claims and coordinate with owners where claims involve both personal and common property.

Physical Property Supervision 

On-site Supervision
1) Day to day supervision and guidance for on site maintenance personnel
2) Written inspection reports on each visit for use in preparation of management reports
3) Employee training and education in job performance and safety precautions
4) Coordination for capital projects and major improvements
5) Supervision of contract services from outside vendors
6) Purchase of materials and supplies using our bulk buying power
7) Provide project manager with budget spread sheet for awareness of allocations and  cash management procedures
8) Assist building and/or ground's committee 

1) Overall management of property operations to observed  insure budgeted allocations are 
2) Bulk purchasing of material and supplies